Sponsorship in esports

Sponsorship in esports

Sponsorship in esports has reached a new level long ago. Hardly anyone will be surprised that juggernauts like Shell, Adidas or Intel actively sponsor esports tournaments, teams or even organize their own large-scale events. What is the phenomenon of such popularity? Everything is simple – a new esportainment format, which attracts not only a narrow audience of pro gamers and esports fans, but also millions of millennials, the generation Z and even Y! Is sponsorship in esports profitable only at large events? It depends on the company's goals, the market it works with and to whom it wants to communicate its presence in esports. If we look at esports sponsorship in terms of company's size and market presence, we can distinguish two areas: for smaller local companies, the entry point to esports may be through small leagues or minor leagues; for medium or large companies (juggernauts in their niche), sponsorship options in international leagues, minor leagues and, of course, major leagues would be appropriate. As part of our leagues and tournaments, WePlay Esports provides sponsorship slots in categories: • Title sponsor • General sponsor • Official sponsor • Technical sponsor • Information sponsor Each sponsorship slot has different integrations, which are discussed separately for each case.

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