PR and media support

PR and media support

Is your company already a part of esports or just planning to become one? In both cases, it is very important to use the most relevant tools from the mix of traditional PR and non-standard integrations for esports community. Within PR and media promotion of your brand in esports, we can: - develop communication strategy As part of our tournaments, we develop an individual PR strategy, which allows us to attract both esports and game audience to the brand, and new spectators. - integrate brand into esports media The WePlay team has its own editorial office, which creates exciting tournament, tournament-related and game-related content: both for our platform and in cooperation with the world's top resources in the field of esports and game. - work out a brand integration with talents and influencers There are real esports stars in the WePlay team who have long been established in the media space as influencers! - to provide activity on social media We analyze our audience, their needs and preferences in detail. We develop top-notch creativity, know how to get high engagement and reach. Our community managers know the peculiarities of the audience in each discipline and hundreds of involving mechanics, which will heighten the audience's interest in the brand.

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