Native brand integrations

Native brand integrations

We know how to combine branding, esports and storytelling. We offer you to become a part of the story within the esportainment concept. The format of our cooperation with companies begins with: • Understanding of the brand, its positioning, сommunication and marketing tasks. • Development of a creative idea of brand integration into the history of the tournament. We study in detail brand's objectives and goals before offering integration into esports. We develop the most creative and individual integration concept to achieve the desired results. We don’t create “other trivial” cases, based on standard indicators – we add a little “magic”, and that’s what distinguishes us from the majority of esports organizations! Our tournaments are a mix of esports and a show, with audience growing after each new tournament. We think over the details of your brand integration, so that the viewer not only remembers your company's identity, but also connects it with the bright emotions of the world of esports and our show. We offer: • Creative branding of the studio, stage and hall elements. • Creation of an emotional connection between the brand and the tournament history through thoughtful and engaging tournament scenarios. • Native demonstration of the brand's products during the tournament. • Creative offline integrations during the LAN finals. • Creation of thematic, esports-related shows with your product/brand. • Development of promotional mechanics to engage the audience. • Creation of creative commercials with your product, which is talked about not only by actors, but also by real influencers of the esports world. • Support of brand integrations through Social and PR channels. • Integration of your brand into the brightest post-production materials and much more!

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