WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Dire

$30,000 & two Quotas to the WePlay! Mad Moon

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What is Tug of War: Dire?

Dire continues the Tug of War trilogy of professional Dota 2 tournaments. Just like in the case of Radiant, this event incorporated the visual style, which included neon lights and the general vibe of cyberpunk. 24 popular teams from all over the world fought for a prize pool of $30,000.

Unlike the previous event of the series, where studio featured the various shades of green, this time, we were using dark-red colors. The studio was lit with crystals that “grew” in different spots and played with the lighting.


Definitely will tune in. Love that T3 teams have a chance. But in both the ToW and this event, there’re favorites - NiP & EHOME. They’re top 12 in DPC, so it wouldn’t hurt them if there were T3 teams instead and the show would be better if anyone could win.

Silly Rabbit 2121


Oh holy shit I have no idea how much I missed Sunsfan’s casting and self-deprecating jokes. Thank you WePlay! for bringing this cat-loving beast into the scene again.



Big props to WePlay! for putting on quality online tourneys when on one else will. The production quality is top notch as well.


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