About us

WePlay Esports engages the team of professionals which develops and implements new esportainment approach in esports

We produce esportainment content

WePlay Esports is an esportainment company that combines the best practices of the esports and entertainment. We craft out-of-the-box content by creating unique esportainment formats that blend esports, storytelling, and entertainment.

We employ business into esports

We develop creative brand integration strategies. Their primary purpose is to engage with the esports audience. Our customized approach provides not only creative and native integration – it is also data-driven with measurable results.

We stand for grassroots

Our team grows and develops together with the entire esports industry, we help and encourage esports enthusiasts and emerging tier 2 esports athletes who can learn and develop in our amateur online tournaments as well as professional tier 2 events.

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team members


millions hours of views across all platforms


international competitions since 2018


thousands subscribers in social media

Organizing pro tournaments

WePlay Esports is well-known for the high-quality organization of pro and nonpro esports tournaments with focus on the show component. We sell media rights for all produced content.

Operating a gaming platform

By using our tournament platform casual gamers may experience pro gaming. WePlay Tournament Platform connects brands with nonpro and semi-pro players by bringing them true emotions and valuable prizes.

Brand integration

We offer brands holistic approach to integration in esports. With WePlay Esports a brand can be integrated in every and each aspect: live streams, offline integrations during LAN tournaments, experiential and influencer activities and PR. WePlay team can create numerous esports assets for a brand to be used in its communications and media outside of esports to attract even more young consumers.

Yura Lazebnikov

Managing Partner of WePlay Esports

Oleg Krot

Managing Partner of WePlay Esports

TECHIIA holding is the team of enthusiastic specialists who bring technological advances to a whole new level. TECHIIA is a Ukrainian word that symbolizes unstoppable progress. It is about adapting to the fast-changing world with the ultimate goal to serve humanity.

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